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Businesses, at the end of the day, have to get things done. Your goal is to boost profits and success, but legal questions or hurdles may result in confusion or delay. If you can’t make decisions confident in your course of action, you risk confusion, uncertainty, and even liability.

  • Agreements for sales, partnerships, and channels
  • Protecting your IP
  • HR and employment matters (offer letters, handbooks, policies)
  • Corporate and strategic transactions (fundraising, acquisitions, exits)
  • Privacy & compliance

Why Us:


Emerging Business

Foundry assists small businesses looking to reach the next level by bringing on employees, raising capital, or accelerating their sales velocity.


Bold Business

Foundry helps smart ideas make big money as you navigate rapid growth, acquisitions, and exits, with robust networks for support as needed with more complex matters.


Your Business

Foundry can help you with whatever challenges your business is facing, now and in the future.

we help:

Focused General Counsel Support Helps Any Smart Business Owner

You are an expert in your business, not legalese or administrivia. If you aren’t getting the right legal support, you can end up spending thousands fixing problems that could easily have been avoided or trying to address or avoid low-risk potential exposures.

With a team of former General Counsel who understand the context of your business needs, you can focus your legal spend on high-impact prevention and efficient remediation where needed.


What they're saying about us

If I ever have a business question that may or may not have legal implications, I call Foundry.

At a bigger firm you might get an associate. With Foundry General Counsel you get more experience at a lower cost.

The firm is a true lifecycle legal partner. They are business partners and not just lawyers … They know what best-in-class practices are and where boundaries can be pushed.

Unlike other large firms you could outsource to, you know who you are getting on the call. There is continuity because of the firm's small size. I always get a response in short order.


We leverage our experience and provide advice that enables you to drive forward with your business decisions — past, present, and future.

Foundry's In-house Mentality

When our partners were in-house General Counsel, we understood that our role was to provide practical and concrete advice and support to the executives and the company that enabled them to achieve their business goals. We were often frustrated when the outside counsel to which we turned for support focused just on our specific question, providing us with the legal statutes or rules that they thought were relevant, but leaving us to figure out what to do with that information, with little direction or context. Those frustrations have led us to support our clients differently.

At Foundry, we know that the most successful way to run our firm is by building a trusting, long-term relationship with you, in which we get to know you and your business and your unique needs — much like an in-house general counsel. When you approach us with a question or matter, we understand the context and overall goals and provide you with legal answers AND practical advice that enables you to maximize your business success.

Foundry is Always On the Lookout for Former In-House Counsel with Talent and Experience

We're a team of former general counsel providing advice and support to our clients in order to help them overcome or avoid legal hurdles and boost their success. If that approach sounds familiar, then you might be an excellent in-house attorney yourself!

Foundry is built with in-house experience. If you've got a mentality in line with what you see here, and are in-transition or ready to make a move, let's have a conversation.


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