Network & Clients

Network & Clients


Foundry’s Professional Network

As general counsel, our services apply to a variety of situations in your day-to-day business affairs — especially if your business involves consumer technology services. However, when there’s a matter where we don’t provide the required services (like litigation, patent prosecution, or accounting services) or you’re pursuing a unique business path, you might need specialized support.

If you’re partnered with Foundry, you don’t have to go looking for those other professionals yourself. As an experienced team who works with many clients across the nation and around the world, we have a wealth of connections to the professional whose support you require:


We can point you to firms that put their focus on resolving business disputes whether in court or via alternative dispute resolution. From patent infringement defense to contract litigation, we’ve got those connections.

Patent Prosecution

Once we’ve worked with you to develop an IP strategy, there’s a good chance you’ll need to register a patent or two. While we don’t prepare, file, or prosecute patent applications ourselves, we work closely with some great and cost-effective patent prosecution teams.

Complex Strategic Transaction

If a pending strategic or corporate transaction is expected to be too large or complex for our team to handle in-house, we have great relationships with some of the best transactional teams in the country and can help you vet and select co-counsel, and can also help you manage the process. We also have good relationships with regional and national bankers, accounting firms, financial advisors, and others who might be required in connection with a transaction.


What they're saying about us

"If I ever have a business question that may or may not have legal implications, I call Foundry."
'At a bigger firm you might get an associate. With Foundry General Counsel you get more experience at a lower cost.'
"The firm is a true lifecycle legal partner. They are business partners and not just lawyers … They know what best-in-class practices are and where boundaries can be pushed."
"Unlike other large firms you could outsource to, you know who you are getting on the call. There is continuity because of the firm's small size. I always get a response in short order."


What Foundry Does Not Do

While our services (and those of our professional network) throw a wide net over your business needs, some legal issues such as personal injury, estate planning, or family law fall out of our areas of expertise. If you’re not sure whether we would be the best team for your business’s current issue, feel free to contact us anyway! We still want you to succeed and, even if your issue is outside our experience, we can try to point you in the direction that serves your business’s best interests.