The Process

Launch your business without the surprises

Early Stage

Whether you’re considering your first business or managing the launch of your tenth venture, approaches to structure, contracting, and compliance made early in the business formation process sets the tone for your company’s future. At Foundry, we focus on helping you raise capital efficiently, and establish contracts and sales tools that provide for flexibility and rapid growth.


We helped Enterproid a/k/a Divide navigate through its early partnerships and growth in order to secure its Series A investment. As the most innovative company in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, Divide offered encrypted workspaces on employee devices. Our understanding of cybersecurity concepts and revenue recognition rules, along with our experience negotiating with major telecommunications providers and drafting license and channel agreements enabled us to provide critical support to Divide that allowed it to close its Series A funding round.

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Navigate the hurdles as you grow

Major Milestones and Mid-life Crises

As a business owner with a growing company, you’ll run into plenty of inflection points that demand a clear choice between alternatives or require a major change in approach. You’ll also need to build out your network of partners and channels. When it comes to handling new privacy laws or regulations, updating agreements to reflect a new go-to-market model, structuring and implementing a partnership ecosystem, or just helping ensure that a sales compensation plan is aligned with corporate goals, it pays to be prepared with information and resources that make those choices easier.


Foundry continued its partnership with Divide after helping secure its Series A funding. We continued to help with its evolving go-to-market model, expanding ecosystem, and eventually, securing additional growth capital in a Series B round led by Google Ventures.

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Results that make the most sense for you & your investors

Strategic Transactions and Liquidity Events

There are plenty of late-stage challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and their companies — building executive teams, being acquired, an IPO, and becoming the platform for industry consolidation. As a team that’s seen acquisitions large and small, we act as a guide to help you navigate this event by making sure you’re organized, informed, and prepared to make the best deal for you.


Eventually, Google recognized Divide’s rapid business growth and understood the strategic boost it could offer to the Android team. Foundry helped guide Divide through the sale.

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Foundry strives to offer advice that helps support your business success — even when tensions are high. As the press release below mentions, NuWave Solutions acquired in 2020 and ended up changing its name to had specialized in big data computing and analytics.

This exit was made more challenging by unresolved differences in strategic vision among the founders that made alignment to a particular process and outcome difficult. Foundry helped facilitate open and effective discussion during the preparation to enter into a strategic exit process, and continued in that role while guiding the team and the company through the eventual sale to NuWave.

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Flexible Billing Options

Foundry offers flexibility in compensation structures designed to help our clients with the best advice in a way that best suits their financial needs.

Many clients opt for our traditional hourly billing. It serves as a fast, familiar, and straightforward way to leverage our expertise. Other clients take advantage of a hybrid model with quarterly retainers, bundled services, and equity participation. We can discuss billing approaches at the beginning of your engagement, and whenever you’d like to revisit your options.


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If I ever have a business question that may or may not have legal implications, I call Foundry.

At a bigger firm you might get an associate. With Foundry General Counsel you get more experience at a lower cost.

The firm is a true lifecycle legal partner. They are business partners and not just lawyers … They know what best-in-class practices are and where boundaries can be pushed.

Unlike other large firms you could outsource to, you know who you are getting on the call. There is continuity because of the firm's small size. I always get a response in short order.