Potential, not Prohibitions

Rather than constrain you by telling you what you can’t do, we help you flourish by helping you realize what you can do, identifying options to help you move forward. You see, in addition to being lawyers, we are also seasoned business professionals in touch with market challenges and opportunities. Each of us has served as the head of an in-house legal team for a range of companies, small and large, nationally and internationally. With our depth of knowledge and our well-rounded perspective, we help our clients make solid business decisions, reach their objectives, and exceed expectations. Together we can find possibilities and turn them into reality.

“The firm is a true lifecycle legal partner. They are business partners and not just lawyers … They know what best-in-class practices are and where boundaries can be pushed.”

Our years of shepherding complex transactions and transformational projects makes the Foundry team ideal for companies contemplating activities like raising capital  acquisitions or executing their own exit event. Our flexible, low-overhead model allows us to provide outstanding legal talent, stellar service, and a refreshing business perspective at a very reasonable cost.

“With Foundry, you are dealing with people who bring more than legal expertise. They have a lot of corporate knowledge. They have been GCs and have gone through transactions, so they understand different motivations for getting things done.”