Jefferson D. Norton

Managing Partner

Jeff started the Norton Law Firm after overseeing the acquisition of his then-employer company … which then resulted in the elimination of his General Counsel position. Building on his extensive in-house counsel experience, the Norton Law Firm would eventually evolve to become Foundry — a law firm that is neither in-house nor BigLaw, but which provides the best aspects of each.

He has continued to provide integrated advice to owners and executives for all stages of the business life cycle from formation, to growth, to exit. He has overseen exit events in coordination with Global 50 law firms and has supported dozens of fundraising rounds for his clients.

As a trusted legal advisor, he pursues positive, long-term relationships with clients who consistently return for his support and counsel.

In his leisure time, Jeff is an avid cook and an awful golfer. He enjoys exploring other cultures through food and wine. He is always looking for inspiration, so the next time you’re meeting with him, share your favorites. Jeff is an alumnus of THE Ohio State University and a rabid Buckeye.